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EKT is an Engineering Knowledge Test conducted by the Indian Airforce, for the selection of officers. EKT is held twice a year, after AFCAT examination. EKT is for 45 minutes. Only mentioned engineering streams aspirants can opt. for this examination. If aspirant is above cutoff marks decided by the Airforce, he get's a call for SSB at AFSB.
Here, we have solved a previous year EKT question paper for you, to make you familiarise with the pattern. However, the level of questions, is increasing in every test. So, in-depth concept clearance is required for EKT examination.


Q1. If the centre of a circle is (-6,8) and it passes through the origin, then equation to its tangent
at the origin is
(a) 2y=x (b) 4y=3x (c) 3y=4x (d) 3x+4y=0
Q2. The liquid is flowing separately through each of two pipes whose diameters are in the ratio of 2:1, if the ratio of the velocities of flow in the two pipes by 1:2, then the ratio of the amounts of the liquid flowing per sec through the pipe will be
Q4. Given P(A) = 1/4, P(B)=1/3 and P(AUB)= 1/2. Value of P(A/B) is
Q5. The angle between two vectors a = i+2j-k and b=2i+j+k is
Q6. Newton is unit of force. It is the unit in
(a) MKS system (b) CGS system (c) FPS system (d) None of these
Q7. A Farad is defined as
Q8. Permeance of a magnetic circuit corresponds to the following quantity in electrical circuit
Q9. Hydrometer is an instrument for measuring
Q10. Radioactivity is a property of
Q11. If a plane is parallel to the plane of projection, it appears
Q12. How is a J-K Flip Flop made to toggle
Q13. No. of flip-flops used in decade counter
Q14. The decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal number E5 is
Q15. Which part of the computer is used for calculating and comparing?
Q16. A CPU's processing power is measured in
(a) IPS (b) CIPS (c) MIPS (d) nano-seconds
Q17. Which computer memory is volatile?
(a) RAM (b) ROM (c) EPROM (d) PROM
Q18. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminals is
(a) ASCII (b) BCD (c) EBCDIC (d) All of these
Q19. Which of the following is not a sequential storage device?
(a) Magnetic disk (b) Magnetic tape (c) Paper tape (d) All of these
Q20. The data recording area between the blank gaps on magnetic tape is called a/an:
Q21. On a systems flowchart, the online manual keeping of input data is identified by using the
Q22. An example of a hierarchical data structure is
Q23. Which of the following system software does the job of merging the records from two files into one?
Q24. Virtual Memory consists of those addresses that may be generated by a processor during execution of a computation.
Q25. Which is a permanent database in the general model of compiler?
Q26. Operating system functions may include
Q27. Moving process from main memory to disk is called
Q28. In which addressing mode the contents of a register specified in the instruction are first decremented, and these contents are used as the effective address of the operands?
Q29. In order to allow only one process to enter its critical section, binary semaphore are initialized to (a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) 3
Q30. The outstanding Invoice file should be stared on a Pardon Access Storage Device if
Q31 In SQL, which command(s) is/are used to enable/disable a database trigger?
Q32. The modify operation is likely to be done after
Q33. Which of the following is not a logical data-base structure?
Q34. Which of the following tools is not used in modelling the new system?
Q35. Difference between Decision-Tables and Decision Tree is
Q36. The reservation system of Indian railways is an example of
Q37. The network layer, in reference to the OSI model, provide
Q38. Which of the following is an important characteristic of LAN?
Q39. Which of the following TCP/IP protocol is used for transferring electronic mail messages from one machine to another?
Q40. The slowest transmission speeds are those of
Q41. How many digits of the Network User Address are known as the DNIC (Data Network Identification Code)?
Q42. The most flexibility in how devices are wired together is provided by
Q43. An FM signal contains intelligence in
Q44. In PCM system
Q45. The all-day efficiency of a transformer depends on
Q46. Slip rings for induction motor are made of
Q47. One of the characteristic of single phase motor is that it
Q48. If the input to a differentiating ckt is saw -tooth wave then output will be-----------wave
Q49. Which gate acts as universal gate?
Q50. A 32 bit microprocessor has word length equal to
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